Working in Kehongda

Kehongda, learning and development plan can provide on-the-job training to employees, to enhance their professional skills and personal skills.

At Kehongda, we are looking for a strong desire for pioneering work in the field of professional people to develop the technology and the pursuit of excellence in the future.

Once we chose an employee, you will be to invest in their career development, so that we can work together, common to maintain our current market leadership, and will the leadership to expand into new areas.

Each business unit within the company has ongoing training program, through the program, employees can instead of director of planning their professional development.

We also train and develop staffs' new skills.

Kehongda can provide leadership and management, sales and marketing, finance, manufacturing, human resources, information technology and courses in the field of personal skills as well as the safety and health and so on.

We believe that the employee's personal and professional development can promote the development of the company.

To this end, we encourage employees to play to the initiative, mutual respect, dignity, build a everyone involved in the open environment.


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